Defining your eyes with eyeliner (liquid or eye pencil) will immediately enhance your look and draw attention to the beauty of your eyes. Eyeliner and mascara, even when worn without eyeshadow, make a statement and enhance the shape of your eyes. A razor-sharp bright line or smoky dark contour can change the entire look of your face, from stylish and sexy to glamorous and powerful.

In this article you will learn:

  • how to choose the right type of eyeliner for the look you want to achieve.
  • how to select the colour of eyeliner.
  • how to apply eyeliner.


Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner gives the most intense and precise line, and stays perfectly crisp over time.

To draw a steady line, rest your elbow on a dressing table, or just hold it with your other hand. To ensure symmetry, work on both eyes at once, in turns.

Liquid eyeliner 1

Stretch the skin around the eye area by looking half-way down, raising the eyebrows at the same time. Tilt your head back and look straight into the mirror. Apply a stroke from the point where the line will end beyond the eye, inwards to the outer corner of the eye.

Liquid eyeliner 2

Widen and lengthen the line by applying more eyeliner on top of your first stroke, toward the centre of the eye. Open your eye to check your line, and correct it accordingly.

Liquid eyeliner 3

Finish with a stroke from the inner corner to the centre of the eye. Smooth out the point where the strokes connect; the line should be widest at the outer corner of the eye, never above the iris.

Liquid eyeliner 4

To cover the skin between lashes and eyeliner, apply black eye pencil on the inner rims and gently blend it into the lashes. For more drama, use black eye pencil to draw a line along your lower lashes. On the lower eyelid the line should be fairly straight, and need not follow the lower rim exactly.

If you make a mistake, wait until the eyeliner is dry, and then wipe it off with a dry cotton swab.

Hard eye pencil

Hard eye pencil 1 Hard eye pencil 2 Hard eye pencil 3

Hard eye pencil can serve the same purpose as liquid eyeliner—it draws a clean, precise, matte line, emphasising and enlarging the eyes—and it is easier to apply.

Dark-coloured eyeliners such as navy blue, brown, indigo, or deep green will define your eyes and add some colour; they are a good alternative to black for a daytime look.

For a line that does not smudge, choose powdery eye pencil that is just soft enough to glide over your skin without snagging it. Apply in the same manner as liquid eyeliner, experimenting with different line shapes according to fashion.

Soft eye pencil

Soft eye pencil 1 Soft eye pencil 2 Soft eye pencil 3

Soft eye pencil contains wax that eases application.

Bright baby blue, green, aqua, violet, or bronze are great when you need bright colour on your eyes, quickly and precisely applied in a line. Dark eye pencil is better for smudging, or to use together with the same colour eyeshadow. Choose a colour that corresponds with your attire. Eyeliner with shimmer will add a subtle shine to your eyes—very sexy.

Apply soft bright eyeliner in a thick line above the upper lashes, and a thin line below the lower lashes. You may choose to use two colours.

The quickest way to apply soft dark eyeliner is to draw a line all the way around your eyes and then smoke it with a sponge. For a more sophisticated look, apply eyeshadow of a similar colour on top of your pencil line, blending the two products together with a small eyeliner brush.